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My name is Jerry Hayes

I don’t have a long résumé detailing my accomplishments as a writer, or a list of the schools I may have attended. This is my first novel and it took me 15 years to complete it. I wrote bits and pieces of it while building a janitorial service here in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I developed a love for writing in 1966 when stationed in the mountains of Pleiku, South Vietnam. It started when I began keeping a journal of my daily activities and surroundings.

After the war I received a Certificate of Proficiency in writing from Palmer Writers School; and later in the ‘70’s, in my home town of Goldsboro, North Carolina I wrote human interest articles on local business men and other prominent people. It was challenging and fun taking ordinarily boring people and turning them into interesting residents of the city.

If you can get pass the title, you will enjoy this fast moving tale of love, sex, hate, murder, and forgiveness. And just maybe, you’ll think twice before plopping down on a commode in a public restroom.
Click on Provocative Title for reasoning behind choosing the N-word. And be sure to click on Links page. Some of the links correspond to page ideas in the novel.

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